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Voting Open for NEICAAA Membership Financial Dues Restructure

Proposal for NEICAAA Financial Dues Structure

Below is the NEICAAA Executive Committee’s proposed recommendation for a new NEICAAA Membership Financial Dues structure. As a change to our constitution this will require a two-thirds affirmative vote of the entire membership. Members will be permitted ONE vote per institution. The voting is scheduled to close on April 11, 2022. Your vote must be submitted by this date. If passed this new structure would go into effect beginning July 1, 2022.

This proposal was created to meet the NEICAAA Membership directive to create a more equitable dues structure for member programs, while bringing in required revenue to ensure future sustainability of the Association. The model includes a standard membership fee to be a part of the Association and an Entry Fee model for participation in Championships.

Membership Dues:

• $250/per gender

• Must be paid by August 1 of each year

Cross Country Championship:

• $10/per admitted athlete

Indoor Championship:

• $20/per accepted athlete/per event

• $20/per relay

• $50/per multi-event athlete

Outdoor Championship:

• $20/per accepted athlete/per event

• $20/per relay

• $50/per multi-event athlete

To vote, please go to:

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