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Become a Member

Membership in this association is limited to:


  • Members of the NCAA in good standing with all requirements set forth herein.

  • Each university or college on joining the association thereby agrees to accept the by-laws and rules of the association.

Application for Membership:


  1. Any college in New England desiring to be admitted to this association shall present to the Commissioner and said association a written notice to that effect four weeks in advance of the fall convention. This written application must be submitted by the athletic director of the petitioning institution.

  2.  All applications for membership shall be voted upon at the fall convention of the association, when, if two-thirds majority of the colleges represented vote in favor thereof, such college or colleges applying shall be admitted to this association and therefore become immediately eligible to compete in the championships in which they have declared NCAA sponsored teams.

  3.  Upon admission to the association, an initial fee of $100 shall be paid to the association.

  4. Requests to become a member may be made when previously stated criteria are fulfilled and if the institution sponsors representative intercollegiate programs in any of the following sports:

    (a) Cross Country
    (b) Indoor Track & Field
    (c) Outdoor Track & Field

    In addition, proof of sponsorship for each season must be documented by the NCAA publication "SPORT SPONSORSHIP" for two consecutive seasons in each sponsored sport. Evidence of said documentation must be submitted to the commissioner, along with a published schedule for each sport sponsored, and verification by a faculty representative that the sports have been recognized by the faculty of the institution petitioning for membership in the association.

  5.  Members which do not fulfill the stated criteria may lose their membership status (refer to Article V of the Constitution).

    For membership inquiries, please submit a request via our contact page.

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