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2023 NEICAAA Outdoor Track & Field Championship Technical Manual


Live Results

Live Results canbbe found at:

Championship Schedule of Events

Day #1 - Friday May 12, 2023
(Download Sheet Here)


Day #2 - Saturday May 13, 2023 (Download Sheet Here)

Saturday - NEICAAA.JPG

Host Site Information


Solomon Outdoor Track Facility
Dedham, MA


No charge for attendance. T-Shirts will be available for Sale


Busses an park at the side of the building. Additional spectator parking is located across the stresst at the Dedham Recreational.  Center


Holidan Inn 

Address: 55 Ariadne Rd, Dedham, MA 02026

Phone: (781) 329-1000

Fairfield Inn
Address: 235 Elm St, Dedham, MA 02026
Phone: (781) 326-6700

Entry Information

All Entries must be submitted through Direct Athletics, no Later than 12:00pm (noon) on Tuesday May 9th  via Entries will open for athlete submissions one week prior to the deadline, starting Tuesday May 2nd and closing on Tuesday May 9th.  (Late entries will be accepted with a fee). See more on entry information at the bottom of this page. Accepted entries and relays are billed at $20, and multis at $50. You will be notified of your charge which can be paid on the website.
Provisional entries - Provisionally qualified athletes (including no time/performance) will be accepted if the field is not full in any event with automatic qualifiers. 32 athletes for running events and 24 athletes in the field events. If you would like to enter a provisional qualifier in multiple events, please send the single preferred event for that athlete to our timer before the entry deadline.  

*If there are more no time/performance athletes entered than available spots, the seeding committee will fill the field based on best past performances.  Entries with No Time must have a time no more than one event distance higher or lower.  Any individual may only be entered in one event with No Time.

Scratch Policy

All athletes entered in an event, must compete. If an athlete is unable to compete and must scratch an event it will be considered a meet scratch and they will be unable to compete in the remaining events in the meet, including relays. 


 Bob Muldoon 

Meet Live Results

National Anthem

 The national anthem will be played prior to the start of the first running event of each day. 


Individual Awards - Top 3 athletes per event will received medals, Top 8 athletes in each event will received an All NEICAAA certificate. 
Team Awards - Top 3 teams will be announced in the ceremony following the meet, and receive a team plaque. 


All Events will follow NCAA rules for seeding and advancement to finals. 
Preferred Lanes:
Straightaway Races: 5-4-6-3-7-2-8-1 T
Oval Races: 5-6-4-3-7-2-8-1 

Check In

Check in for events will start 90 min prior to the event and will finish 30 min prior to the event taking place. Check in for the field events is with the official at the event venue. Check in location for the running events is at the clerking table.

Opening Heights

Opening heights will start one height lower than the current qualifying standard. However, should the field not be filled the opening height will be determined based on the entries received.  Opening heights will be posted after the seeding committee meets and will be posted on the website ( on Thursday, May 11th. 

Implement Weigh-In's

Implements should be brought to the weigh-in area more than 60 minutes ahead of the event. Implements weigh-ins is done at the throwing area. There will be a tent set up with two tables to handle all weigh ins where both approved and non-complying implements can be held prior to pick up just before competition.


Team scores will be tallied as the events occur throughout the day. Both scoring for the Men's and Women’s championship is to eight places (10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) .

Protest Procedures

Track and/or field protests must be submitted within 15 minutes of official results being posted and announced. All protests must be submitted on an official Protest Form that will be available at the timer's table.  All protests will be reviewed by the referee.  Appeals of a referee's ruling will be heard by members of the Jury of Appeals. A $25 fee will be collected for all appeals.   The fee will be returned if the ruling is overturned.  Official pictures from the timing system computers for events under protest will be viewed only by the Jury of Appeals.  The coach or coaches involved may view the picture only if consent is given by the Jury of Appeals.

Jury of Appeals

The Jury of Appeals is selected by the Commissioner prior to the meet and will include 3 officials and 2 coaches. An alternate will be named if there is a conflict of interest with a Jury member and the protester.

Championship Committees and Contacts

Commissioner:  Irwin Cohen-
Assist. to the Commissioner: Steve Vaitones - Managing Director - USATF-NE
Members of the Executive Committee: 
Mark Connolly, Head Track & Field Coach – Merrimack College-
John Copeland, Head Men’s XC & TF Coach, ret. – University of Rhode Island-
David Frazier, Senior Director of Athletic Facilities and Central Event Services – Northeastern
Rich Hart, Head Track & Field Coach – American International College-
Carolyn Martin, Head Women’s XC & TF Coach– Quinnipiac University-
Kristen Morwick, Head Women’s XC & TF Coach – Tufts University-
Katie Moulton, Head XC & TF Coach – Nichols College-
Ruben Sanca, Director – Student Life & Well Being – University of Massachusetts Lowell-

Richard Hart, Head XC & TF Coach – American International College - 

Games Committee

Per Article XI of the Constitution Article XI, the five member Games Committee is to be comprised of the President of the Association and four at-large members appointed by the Commissioner. The President of the Association shall serve as the Chairman of the Games Committee. In addition to providing the Commissioner with specialized assistance and guidance, prior to and during the championships, the Games Committee will also serve as the Jury of Appeals for protests relating to matters that develop during the conduct of the championships. Should a replacement be required due to conflict of interest during the Championship the Commissioner shall select a replacement member. 

The Games Committee reviews questions of rules and meet conduct The Committee consists of
- the Commissioner or their designee
- 1 standing member of the Executive Board
- 3 coaches with one representing each of the three divisions

2023 Outdoor Championships Games Committee
John Copeland, Head Men’s XC & TF Coach, ret. – University of Rhode Island-
Irwin Cohen, Commissioner of NEICAAA-
Kevin Curtin, Head Men’s & Women's XC & TF Coach- Bentley College-
Carolyn Martin, Head Women’s XC & TF Coach– Quinnipiac University-
Kristen Morwick, Head Women’s XC & TF Coach – Tufts University-

Entry Procedures for Direct Athletics

Each coach must have a DirectAthletics username and password for his/her team. If you don’t know your username and password, you will be able to create one or retrieve your existing account by following the instructions below. You will use the same account to enter all meets run through DirectAthletics. 


**NOTE ABOUT MEN’S AND WOMEN’S ACCOUNTS: You control only one gender at time, so you will complete the below steps for your Men, and then switch to your Women’s team and repeat the process (or vice versa). The team you are controlling is listed on the blue navigation bar across the top of your account, for example: 
Sport: Track & Field Team: Guilford (Men)
This indicates that you are controlling the MEN’S team. To switch to your Women’s team, you would select “Guilford 
Before entering an athlete into a meet, you must add all attending athletes to your roster. If an athlete is already on your roster (from previous seasons or meets) you do not need to add him/her again. This is a one- time process—you will not need to set up your roster each time you enter a meet. 
1)  Upon logging in, click the TEAM tab. (New users will automatically be in the TEAM module) 
2)  If you have used DirectAthletics before, you will see your existing athletes on your roster. New Users should click the green “Add Athletes” link.
3)  Click the green “Add Athletes” link under the Team Roster header. Select an approximate number of athletes you would like to add (you can add more at any time). 
4)  Enter your athletes’ First Name, Last Name, and School Year and click “Submit”. 
5)  You may add, edit or delete athletes on your Team Roster at anytime by clicking the TEAM tab. To add athletes, click the green “Add Athletes” link at any time. To delete or edit athletes, check the box to the left of each athlete(s) and then click the red “Delete Selected” link or the blue “Edit Selected” link respectively. 
Once your athletes are added to your roster, you must submit your entries. 
1)  In the HOME tab (under Upcoming Meets) or in the SCHEDULE tab, click the green Register button next to the meet you wish to enter. 
2)  Follow onscreen instructions for submitting your entries. You will see a running tally of your entries on the right side of your screen. 
3)  When you are finished with your entries, click the “Finish” link. 
4)  You will see a list of your current, submitted entries. Click the appropriate link to receive an EMAIL confirmation or a PRINTABLE confirmation. 
5)  To edit your existing entries, click the blue Edit Entries button next to the meet name on your Upcoming Meets or complete Schedule. 


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