What is NEICAAA?

 Our Purpose


The New England Intercollegiate Amateur Athletic Association (NEICAAA) promotes men's and women's intercollegiate competition in cross country and track and field among the colleges that are members of the association in the New England region of the United States. The association sponsors championships in cross country, indoor and outdoor track and field.

130+ Years of Rich History and Tradition...

2nd Oldest Track Meet in America

The first edition of the New England Track & Field Championships was held in 1987 and is currently the second oldest track and field meet organized in the United States - second only to the IC4A's Championship, which started 11 years earlier.

3 High Caliber Championship Meets

NEICAAA sponsors collegiate championships in three events (Cross Country, Indoor Track & Field and Outdoor Track & Field). These championships have produced NCAA champions, Olympic medalists and even Boston Marathon champions.

Diverse Membership... 

71 Members
17 Conferences
6 States
 3 NCAA Divisions

NEICAAA's current membership includes 71 active member programs represented from every state in New England, all three NCAA divisions and 17 collegiate athletics conferences.  

Div. I - Div. II  - Div. III

Elite Competition...

2 World XC Championship Gold Medals 8 World Medals

NEICAAA alums have twice won the individual World XC championship, also known as the " toughest race in the world",  and have produced 8 medals in the process.

27 Olympic Gold Medals
56 Olympic Medals

NEICAAA alums have won 27 Olympic Games gold medals and have medalled a combined  of 56 times.

18 NCAA XC Team Champions
 21 NCAA XC Individual Champions

 NEICAAA teams and have placed in the top 3 at the NCAA XC Championships a combined of 71 times. In addition, NEICAAA has produced  21 individual cross country NCAA champions .

Through the years...

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