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2023 NEICAAA Convention
College of the Holy Cross (Hogan Campus Center) - Worcester, MA 
Septmeber 12, 2023 - 10:00 AM
Delegate Autorization Form and Convention Registration


New England Intercollegiate Amateur Athletic Association


2023 NEICAAA Annual Convention


As per the Constitution, a convention of the Association shall be held during the month of September.  Voting will be done by the Athletics Director or his/her representative. All votes will be recorded.


Representatives must present to the presiding officer of the convention written authorization from their Athletics Director stating his/her right to represent such college/university in all matters before the convention


Format for authorization to vote required by Article VI, Section 3



_______________________is authorized to represent


_______________________College/University at the September 12, 2023 NEICAAA convention


Signature of Athletics Director_____________________________

Please bring to the convention or email it to to, so as to be received prior to the convention.


Shawn Green

145 Main St.

Durham, NH 03290




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