Annual Convention 2021 - Agenda

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Annual Convention 2021

The annual convention of the Association will be held on September 15, 2021 at 10:00AM


1. Roll Call


2. Correction and adoption of 2020 convention minutes (can be found HERE)


3. Election of officers


  • President: Steve Fitzgerald, Stonehill College

  • Vice President: David Fraizer, Northeastern University

  • Second Vice President: Ruben Sanca, University of Mass/ Lowell

  • Executive Committee: John Copeland, University of Rhode Island (Temporary until new nomination)

  • Executive Committee: Kristin Morwick, Tufts University

4. Future Championships


  • Cross Country Franklin Park October 9, 2021;

  • Indoors, Reggie Lewis February 4-5 2022;

  • Outdoors, May 14,15, 2022 Site TBD


5. New business; Plymouth State

a. Membership Suffolk University

b. Guest membership outside of New England

c. Reorganization of dues structure


6. 2022 Championship standards
     Women: Carolyn Martyn (2022 Proposed Women HERE)
     Men: Rich Hart (2022 Proposed Men Standards HERE)


7. Finances