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The name of this association shall be the New England Intercollegiate Amateur Athletic Association. (NEICAAA)
The purpose of the association shall be the promotion of men's and women's intercollegiate competition in cross country and track and field among the colleges that are members of the association. The association shall sponsor championships in cross country, indoor and outdoor track and field.
Sec. 1: Membership in this association shall be limited to members of the NCAA in good standing with all requirements set forth herein.
Sec. 2: Each university or college on joining the association thereby agrees to accept the by-laws and rules of the association.
Sec. 1: Any college in New England desiring to be admitted to this association shall present to the Commissioner and said association a written notice to that effect four weeks in advance of the fall convention. This written application must be submitted by the athletic director of the petitioning institution.
Sec. 2: All applications for membership shall be voted upon at the fall convention of the association, when, if two-thirds majority of the colleges represented vote in favor thereof, such college or colleges applying shall be admitted to this association and therefore become immediately eligible to compete in the championships in which they have declared NCAA sponsored teams.
Sec. 3: Upon admission to the association, an initial fee of $100 shall be paid to the association.
Sec. 4: Requests to become a member may be made when previously stated criteria are fulfilled and if the institution sponsors representative intercollegiate programs in any of the following sports: (a) cross country (b) indoor track (c) outdoor track.
In addition, proof of sponsorship for each season must be documented by the NCAA publication "SPORT SPONSORSHIP" for two consecutive seasons in each sponsored sport. Evidence of said documentation must be submitted to the commissioner, along with a published schedule for each sport sponsored, and verification by a faculty representative that the sports have been recognized by the faculty of the institution petitioning for membership in the association. .
Sec. 5: Members which do not fulfill the stated criteria may lose their membership status (refer to Article V).
Sec. 1: Any college may be expelled from the association by a two-thirds vote of the colleges represented at any convention of the association. The commissioner, however, must serve an official notice upon the college against which the charges are preferred, and also notify the other colleges of the association of such proceedings at least 14 days before the date of the convention.
Sec. 2: Reasons for which a college may be expelled from the association shall be, but not limited too: (a) failure to maintain membership criteria, (b) failure to pay all assessments and fines under the conditions herein before specified, (c) participation in any transaction by which the good name of the association may be imperiled.
Sec. 3: Any college so expelled can be readmitted only in the manner that outside colleges become members.
Sec. 1: This association shall be an independent organization governed entirely by its own by-laws and rules of athletics.
Sec. 2: The management and general supervision of the affairs of this association shall be entrusted to a convention(s) composed of athletic administrators and coaches. Each member college of the association is entitled to one vote at the conventions.
Sec. 3: Voting will be done by the Athletic Director or representative. A representative must present to the presiding officer of the convention written authorization from their athletic director stating his/her right to represent such college/university in all matters before the convention. (Refer to Article XV, Sec. 5)
Sec. 1: The offices of this Association, all of which must be held by athletic administrators, shall be President, Vice President and Second Vice President. These officers together with the President of the New England Men's Track Coaches Association, the President of the New England Women's Track Coaches Association, the Commissioner of the NEICAAA and two additional athletic administrators shall form an Executive Committee to which the immediate management of this association shall be entrusted.
Sec. 2: Elections and terms of offices and members of the Executive Committee are as follows:
(a) The President, Vice President, and Second Vice President shall be elected at the convention for a three year term.
(b) The above elections shall be by ballot and shall require a majority vote of all the colleges represented at the convention.
(c) New officers and members of the Executive Committee shall take office immediately after their election.
(d) It shall be so arranged that the terms of the athletic administrators of the Executive Committee, shall expire in rotation, with all athletic administrators eligible for re-election to the Executive Committee.
(e) Only the duly elected members of the Executive Committee, or their designated representatives, shall have the privilege of voting at the annual Executive Committee meeting.
(f) The Executive Committee shall act as the nominating committee to fill vacancies within the Executive Committee.
(g) No member institution may be represented, at any time, by more than one athletic administrator on the Executive Committee serving in the office of President, Vice President, or Second Vice President.
Sec. 3: It is the responsibility of any member of the Executive Committee who vacates a position while in office to notify the Commissioner within 14 days of such vacancy. It will then become the responsibility of the Executive Committee to fill the vacancy for the completion of the term.
Sec. 4: It shall be the duty of the President, and in his absence of the Vice President(s), to preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee.
Sec. 5: The Commissioner of the NEICAAA shall preside at all conventions of the association in the absence of the President and Vice-President(s).
The Executive Committee shall meet before the fall convention of the NEICAAA to:
a. review the financial records of the association as presented by the Commissioner
b. review the actions of the annual conventions from the previous year
c. review records established in the championships and rule on their acceptance
d. chart the future direction of the association
e. appoint a Commissioner for a one year term
The Executive Committee shall appoint a Commissioner for a one year term at their annual fall meeting. The Commissioner is directly responsible to the Executive Committee and shall not be a coach of a member institution. For such services, there shall be an annual stipend of $6,000.
Sec. 1: The Executive Committee delegates the entire control, within the by-laws, to the Commissioner for the organization and management of the association's cross country, indoor and outdoor track and field championships, including the naming of officials, payment of officials, and selection of committee members.
Sec. 2: The Commissioner shall serve as the Secretary/Treasurer to the Executive Committee.
Sec. 3: The Commissioner shall appoint a Games Committee to assist in the management of the annual championships.
Sec. 4: The Commissioner shall also appoint an individual annually to the Standards Committee.
Sec. 5: In addition to the aforementioned Sections 1-4, the Commissioner shall be responsible for the following:
a. Keep accurate records of all proceedings of the association and mail reports to all member Athletic Directors and coaches.
b. Issue notices of all meetings including the substance of the material to be covered. All mailings shall be made to both Athletic Directors and coaches except as provided herein.
c. Issue bills to member institution athletics directors for annual dues and to collect and manage such funds.
d. Account for all monies received by the association and expended by the Commissioner with the accounts at all times open to inspection by any officer or Executive Committee member of the association.
e. Prepare an annual report of the financial condition of the association which shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for review and approval at its annual fall meeting. Such report shall be sent to all members upon Executive Committee action.
f. Issue and receive entries from member colleges for association championships. Entry materials shall be e-mailed to the coach and posted on the web site.
g. Keep an accurate account of the annual championships including the official results and score. Such official results and scores shall be posted on the web site.
h. Notify member colleges of any change of officers or members of the Executive Committee.
i. Notify member colleges of applications for membership, proposed by-law changes, proposed expulsion of members, etc., within the time requirements described herein.
j. Represent the Executive Committee and the association in handling the day-to-day business of same and all details in connection with the annual championships.
k. Provide for appropriate awards at the conclusion of the annual championships.
l. Revise the constitution every four years, effective with the fall 1990 convention, and distribute revised editions, as may be needed, with date of publication.
m. Hire and oversee a press steward whose duties will not be limited to: press releases for championships, selection of outstanding athlete of the week, conduct polls for coach and athletes of the year (men and women) and monitor the web site. Annual stipend not to exceed $2000.
The five member Games Committee is to be comprised of the President of the New England Coaches Association and four at-large members appointed by the Commissioner. The President of the New England Coaches Association shall serve as the Chairman of the Games Committee. In addition to providing the Commissioner with specialized assistance and guidance, prior to and during the championships, the Games Committee will also serve as the Jury of Appeals for protests relating to matters that develop during the conduct of the championships.
The Standards Committee shall establish and maintain qualifying standards for events contested in the Championships.
The Commissioner shall be empowered to establish Special Committees to secure more information, investigate a situation, and bring back a report or a recommendation to the membership at a convention. I.E. Site Selection Committee, Constitution Committee, etc.
Sec. 1: Each member of the association shall pay ($250) per sport per gender (maximum-$1000) as a yearly assessment, which shall be paid on or before the closing date of the annual cross country championships. If the annual dues are not paid, the Commissioner may refuse to allow institutions in arrears to compete in future championships. NOTE: New members also subject to initiation fee set forth in Article IV, section 3.
Sec. 2: If a deficit shall occur, the Executive Committee may recommend an assessment divided equally among the member institutions.
Sec. 3: All bills against the association shall receive the approval of the President, or the Commissioner, before payment.
Sec. 4: The expenses incurred by the Commissioner in executing the business of the association shall be born by the association. Expenses incurred by the officers and members of the Executive Committee, and such other committees as are appointed by the convention or the President, shall be paid by the member institutions of the individual representatives.
Sec. 5: Upon dissolution of the association, all assets and/or liabilities will be distributed equally to the association.
Sec. 1: There will be one convention of the association and it shall be held in the month of September.
Sec. 2: Special conventions of the association may be called by the President, Commissioner, or at the written request of any three athletic administrators of the association, provided that a notice of such meting shall be sent to each college at least 14 days before the date assigned for such meeting.
Sec. 3: The order of business in a convention shall be as follows:
(a) Roll Call (b) Reading, correction and adoption of minutes of last meeting (c) Election of officers (d) Reports of committees (e) Unfinished business (f) New business
Sec. 4: Parliamentary proceedings of this association not herein provided for shall be governed by Robert's Rules of order.
Sec. 5 At all conventions, each member institution of the association shall be entitled to only one vote, said vote to be cast by the delegate chosen by their college. (Refer to Article VI, Sec. 3) All votes shall be recorded.
Sec. 1: Changes in the constitution and by-laws may be made by a two-thirds vote of the colleges represented at a convention of the association.
Sec. 2: No change shall be made under Section 1 of this Article unless a written copy of the proposed change is sent to the Commissioner at least four weeks before a convention of the association. A written copy of such proposed amendment must be sent by the Commissioner to the member colleges at least two weeks prior to the convention.
Sec. 3: Constitutional changes between conventions may be accomplished by a mail ballot. To be effective, a mail ballot requires a two-thirds affirmative vote of the entire membership. No mail ballot will be sent to the membership within 30 days of a convention.
Sec. 1: Men and women varsity and sub-varsity cross country championships shall be held on the Saturday of the Columbus Day weekend. The women's sub-varsity cross country championship will be run at 11:00 am. The women's varsity race will be run at 11:45 p.m. The men's cross country championship will be run at 12:30 p.m. and the sub-varsity at 1:15 p.m.
Sec. 2: An Indoor Track and Field meet shall be held on the first Friday and Saturday in February.
Sec. 3: An Outdoor Track and Field meet shall be held Friday, and Saturday one week before the ICAAAA, when schedule permits.
Sec. 3: The sites for the annual championships shall be determined at the annual fall convention. Bids to host future championships must be submitted to the Commissioner and placed on the fall agenda for approval of the membership at least two years in advance of the announced date. It shall be the responsibility of the Commissioner to determine the adequacy of the bids submitted.
Sec. 1: Qualifying standards will be established by the Standards Chairman and presented to the membership for approval at the annual Fall Convention.
Sec. 2: All qualified entries in an event must have qualified in that specific event or its published equivalent.
Sec. 3: Athletes not qualified in an event may still be entered as "provisional entries."
Sec. 4: Provisional entries (non-qualified athletes) will be accepted to expand the fields in track events to 32 competitors and in field events to 24 competitors.
Sec. 5: If an athlete is accepted into the meet in more than one event, the athlete must compete in all events entered.
Sec. 6: Provisional athletes must compete in the unseeded sections of all track events and they will receive the lowest priority in all phases of heat, section, and lane assignments during the first round of competition. Provisional athletes may be entered in more than one event and subsequently scratched according to coaches' preference without penalty, prior to publication on the website.
Sec. 7: Only in extraordinary circumstances may the competitive field expand beyond 32 in the track events and in the field events beyond 24 utilizing provisional athletes with no performance factor. Ties for the 24th place in field events will be determined by second best performances as outlined on TFFRS.
Sec. 1: The Commissioner shall forward by e-mail meet information to each college in the association at least four (4) weeks prior to the annual championships. In addition, the entry information will be posted on the web site and on Direct Athletics.
Sec. 1: In the track and field championships, each member institution may enter and compete as many qualified or provisional athletes as there are scoring places.
Sec. 2: All final track and field declarations must be received by Direct Athletics on noon of the Tuesday prior to the Championship. Provisional entries must be sent to the Commissioner at
Sec. 3: Once the listings have been published on the web site, the only changes to be allowed will be those due to administrative error. At the written request of a coach, an athlete may be added or deleted from any event prior to web site posting.
Sec. 4: Protests of entries shall be acted upon by the Games Committee. Such protests shall be submitted in writing to the Commissioner thirty (30) minutes before the start of competition in the event in which the protested athlete is entered.
Sec. 1: All championship competition sponsored by the association shall be conducted in accordance with Track and Field Rules of the NCAA except as provided herein.
Sec. 2: The distance of the Men's Cross Country Championships shall be approximately five (5) miles/eight thousand meters (8000m) and the Women's Cross Country Championship shall be 5000M.
Sec. 3: In the annual cross country championships each member institution may start no more than seven (7) competitors in Varsity race. Sec. 4: A complete scoring team must be entered in the varsity cross country race before a member institution can enter an individual(s) in the sub-varsity cross country run.
Sec. 5: Qualification to a final in all events must be on a combination of place and time where semifinals shall be run and the finalists determined by place. Trials will not be contested in the mile run, 3000 meters and 5000 meters indoors. Seeded sections will be contested. In the outdoor championships seeded sections will be contested in the 800 meters, 1500 meters, 3000 meter Steeplechase, 5000 meters, 10000 meters, 4x100 meter relay, 4x400 relay and 4x800 meter relay.
Sec. 6: Scoring in the championship track and field meets shall be as follows:
(a) First Place- Ten (10) points (b) Second Place- Eight (8) points (c) Third Place- Six (6) points (d) Fourth Place- Five (5) points (e) Fifth Place- Four (4) points (f) Sixth Place- Three (3)points (g) Seventh Place Two (2)Points (h) Eighth Place One (1) point This may be waived if room does not exist for eight places.
Sec. 1: Suitable team awards shall be presented to the first three institutions in the annual cross country, indoor, and outdoor track and field championships. In case of a tie duplicate awards shall be presented. Team awards will not be presented in the sub-varsity cross country competition.
Sec. 2: The members of the first place varsity cross country team shall receive individual gold awards, the second place varsity cross country team shall receive silver awards, and the third place varsity cross country team shall receive bronze awards.
Sec. 3: The first individual competitor in the annual varsity cross country championship shall receive a gold award, the second competitor shall receive a silver award, and the next thirteen competitors shall receive a bronze award. There will be no awards for the sub-varsity competition.
Sec. 4: The first 15 competitors in the annual varsity cross country championship shall receive certificates in recognition of achieving "All-New England" status.
Sec. 5: Medals shall be presented to all athletes scoring in the annual track and field championships. In addition, the first three individuals in each event and relay teams shall receive certificates in recognition of achieving "All-New England" status.
Sec. 6: A standard record plaque with the NEICAAA seal, time, distance, or height, from the same die as the official medal, shall be presented to any competitor who shall lower an Association record.
The following schedule(s) will be followed except where the Games Committee and/or the Commissioner find that because of particular circumstances, i.e., facility availability or conditions, modification is necessary in the following schedules.
Indoor Schedule